Stories are how we navigate our world & our lives.

They move us through the day to day, help us keep track of whatever milestones life asked us to keep track of and, if we’re really lucky, sometimes take us to the threshold of those experiences that can never be put into words.

Stories are how we know we’re alive.  Finding them, sharing them, creating them is my life’s work.

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What’s your story? Work with me to find out!

For twenty-plus years, I’ve helped individuals, communities, non-profits and corporations take a fresh look at their own stories. How do I do that? By helping you ask the tough questions, hearing the  answers and finding your most authentic story. Because why create anything else? Services include public speaking, facilitation, branding, strategic planning & executive coaching.

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What’s my story?

Like all of us, my life has been shaped by stories. As a kid, I learned to hide from stories. The ones about my parents’ divorce, about my hometown’s assassination of JFK, and about my own serious illnesses. As a young adult, I learned how to bring power to stories. The ones about being gay and deserving rights; about fighting HIV/AIDS; about winning campaigns and earning success. Now, as a middle-aged guy, I’m focused on revisiting stories that I and my country tell ourselves. Because I don’t think either of us have gotten it completely right. And, maybe just maybe, it’s time we did.

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