But how aware are you of the stories you tell?

Whether writing a book, running a business or navigating a relationship, all of us use stories to get where we want to be.

Yet, when was the last time you checked to make sure the stories you tell match the truth of who you are? That is the question I help people answer.

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What’s your story? Work with me to find out!

For twenty-plus years, I’ve helped individuals, communities, non-profits and corporations take a fresh look at their own stories. How do I do that? By helping you ask the tough questions, hearing the  answers and finding your most authentic story. Because why create anything else? Services include public speaking, facilitation, branding, strategic planning & executive coaching.

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What’s my story?

For a lot of years, my life’s stories were written from a place of scarcity. As in I was not enough. The world was not enough. So, I needed to make up a story. Which I did. Over and over again. Stories about who I was as a person, a son, a brother, a lover, a friend, a politician, a consultant, a writer. And on and on and on. Then, in 2023, I went through the journey of selling and emptying my family’s home of the past forty years. And I started to ask myself, “Who would I be if I stopped telling the stories I have told myself up until now?”  It’s a question I’m still asking and still answering. It’s also a question that is at the root of my upcoming one-man show, “Home Free” Click the buttons below to learn more and be in touch.

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