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We all carry stories.
About our world, ourselves and each other.

Stories are how we navigate life. But when was the last time you took a fresh look at the stories you carry?  To ask where they came from, if they’re doing what you want them to do and if they’re even still true. Or ever were. Everything I do, be it writing, speaking, convening or consulting, is about taking a fresh look at the stories we tell ourselves. Because I think being honest about our stories is key to having honest conversations about what is possible in our world.

What stories am I looking at?

Two of the biggest issues facing America right now are systemic racism and retiring Baby Boomers. We talk alot about the former, not so much the latter. As a son whose mom lives in assisted living and a southerner who recently (and reluctantly) came home to Texas, I write about both. From time to time, I also look beyond those timely issues and write about the timeless wonder (and occasional challenge) of simply being alive.

Driving Miss Barb

May 13th, 2021|

Now that Mom is fully vaccinated and her assisted living community has eased restrictions and, as Mom says, "sprung her from jail", we get to go for drives again. Now, if you're not from the [...]


The Mom Chronicles
White Guy On Race

What’s your story? Work with me to find out!

For twenty-plus years, I’ve helped individuals, communities, non-profits and corporations take a fresh look at their own stories. How do I do that? By helping you ask the tough questions, hearing the  answers and finding your most authentic story. Because why create anything else? Services include public speaking, facilitation, branding, strategic planning & executive coaching.

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What’s my story?

Like all of us, my life has been shaped by stories. As a kid, I learned to hide from stories. The ones about my parents’ divorce, about my hometown’s assassination of JFK, and about my own serious illnesses. As a young adult, I learned how to bring power to stories. The ones about being gay and deserving rights; about fighting HIV/AIDS; about winning campaigns and earning success. Now, as a middle-aged guy, I’m focused on revisiting stories that I and my country tell ourselves. Because I don’t think either of us have gotten it completely right. And, maybe just maybe, it’s time we did.

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