I turned 58 last month.

“How do you feel?” a best friend asked me.

And, while I almost answered the way I’ve answered since I was 40, 45, 50 and 55 (“I still feel 35!”), I instead said, “I feel like I’m 58.”

Because that’s what I am.

Now, what does 58 feel like? Well, I’m not quite sure yet as I’m only barely 30 days into it.

I will tell you that I feel a profound depth of gratitude. I tend to live life at about 150%. So I am deeply grateful the flame of my existence is still burning.

And that I’ve learned life is just as fun, just as interesting and maybe even more fulfilling.

When you burn your flame at 100%.

I’m grateful for my body which still gets me up in the morning, hauls me outside for a walking meditation and still loves the hell out of great food, great drink…and great love.

I’m grateful for my mind which is still not only in the game but actively engaged in helping to reconceive the greatest game of all: the game of being human.

And I am grateful beyond words that my spirit, which has always been strong, now soars in ways and to heights I never dreamed possible.

I am taking each and every one of those aspects of gratitude and walking, dancing, flowing into my very own new year.

So that I can continue to figure out how to help care for an elderly mom and a senior rescue dog. Without, myself, becoming elderly.

So that I can continue to experience what it is to live as an artist who sees stories at every turn.

So that I can continue to discover what it is to be a single gay guy in middle-age.

And continue to play around with the idea that, maybe, I like it

More than I thought I would.

Of course, there are those who say age is just a state of mind and it is.

But so is life.

What I have learned is that the best way to experience whatever state of mind you are in is to do so while grounded in the abundant possibilities and undeniable reality of the present moment.

Otherwise, your state of mind is nothing more than a fantasy.

And, so it is that I’ll go through this year and silently smile when someone says that 58 (or 68 or 78) is the new 35.

Because, for me, 58 is simply.

The new 58.

The Practice of Being Alive is a collection of stories about getting through this thing called life.