So, we started our day with news of Matt Lauer’s termination due to allegations of “inappropriate sexual behavior” and, by lunchtime, learned that Garrison Keillor had been fired by Minnesota Public Radio due to “inappropriate behavior.”

A colleague said that he asked his adult daughter how far this “reckoning” would go, to use Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie’s spot-on term. “How many men do you think have done this?” he asked her. “100%” was her response.

I agree and have a few thoughts to offer in the midst of this thousands of years in the making storm:
1. Kudos to Guthrie and Hoda Kolb for allowing room in this morning’s public announcement of Lauer’s firing to express not only indignation, but also devastation, confusion and utter loss.

2. I wonder at what point the current “off with their heads”/”let’s make this all go away before anyone looks my way” mob mentality will ebb so that America can have a collective discussion about how we got here…and what we need in order to move on.

3. I also wonder what impact this will have on our political climate. There is a possibility here for Americans to sink further into our (Carter said it best) collective “malaise” and for even the “good” among us to start believing that you can’t believe/trust anyone. Which of course opens even wider the doors of isolationism and totalitarianism.

4. Speaking of which, I also wonder what will happen as the abuse practiced by the cojoined political twins of church and state start coming to light. Not just abuse of children or abuse by people the “good” people already hate (you know, the people like us), but the abuse committed against people like us by people we trusted.
While I wonder these things, my own personal experience tells me that the best antidote is to hold each other and continue to look among the wasteland, the destruction, the smoldering embers….and catch even the briefest glimpse of birth that has just barely begun underneath it all.

Because, let’s be clear, the harassment, abuse, degradation and disrespect of women has been going on for a very long time. Quite possibly since Adam rejected Lilith as his first wife (because she had the audacity to see herself as equal…if not superor). Which means that there is not a woman in this massive crowd pictured above or walking Mother Earth, for that matter, who has not been treated as inferior to man.

Not by accident, but by cultural norm.

Which means that we have a lot of reckoning, a lot of work and a lot of healing to do.