Even when I didn’t, I’ve always understood the power of a good story.

I was born in Dallas, less than two years after the Kennedy assassination. As a sickly kid whose parents divorced at a young age, much of my childhood was spent watching everyone around me tell stories that cast them in a better light. So, I started doing the same. Along the way, the stories I learned to tell were so good that they became my truth. The truth of who I was as a man, as a son, as a lover, a friend, a politician, a consultant, a writer and so on. The stories gave me a life beyond my wildest dreams and gave me great chapters in Boston, New Orleans and Taos. Then, in 2018, the story of who I was as a son brought me back to Dallas when I had to move my mother into assisted living. And my story soon became a nightmare. Selling the family home in 2022 freed me from that nightmare. It also freed me from all the stories I had spent my lifetime telling myself. Not the roles behind those stories but the narratives of what those roles meant and required. You can learn more about all of this by following me on Facebook or by clicking “contact me” and joining the list to stay up to date about my one-man show, “Home Free”, which tells the story of how awakening in your worst nightmare can lead you to your greatest freedom.

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