A New Orleans-based podcast that offers an antidote to all the yelling and screaming going on these days.


Too often these days, it can feel like our only choices are to join in on some social media rant or talk only about mundane things like going to work or figuring out dinner. We think a lot of us are hungry for more meaningful conversations…and that’s what we try to offer via Everyday Wonder.

When you listen to us, here’s what you get. Each week, we turn down the ranting and turn up the discourse, so we can spend twenty to thirty minutes having the conversations that really matter. Conversations about the age-old quest to find our place in the world and how the life we’re living today compares with the billions of lives that have come before us. And will come after.

But we don’t have those conversations by relying on experts or gurus who tell us what to do. Instead, we have them by having everyday guests who help us look through the lens of our everyday lives. You see, while the title of this show is “Everyday Wonder”, the reality is that we’re not an upper-case show. We’re about lower-case wonder. The kind of wonder that’s already here, everyday and everywhere, whether it’s living in a small object in the kitchen drawer, just around the corner when we go left instead of right on our way to work, or even somewhere in the sweat of a really hot summer day.

New Orleans is our permanent guest. The city of New Orleans has a permanent seat at the Everyday Wonder table. She’s there because no city in America (and perhaps the world) does more to celebrate everyday wonder through her food, music, festivals, people and general joie de vivre. Like any good guest, you can’t quite put your finger on what it is about her that makes you want her to keep coming back. You just know you feel better whenever New Orleans is around. Visit ViaNolaVie to learn the latest about life and culture in New Orleans.