When it comes to thinking about parents and assisted living, most of us carry lots of stories. All of them competing for our attention. Stories of promising Mom and Dad that we would never move them into “a home” competing with stories that ask if  they’re still capable of living alone. Stories of trying to do the right thing competing with stories of not having a clue what the right thing is. Old stories filled with cherished memories competing with new stories of present realities.

On this episode of “The Mom Chronicles Live”, our guest Christy Byerly of DFW-based Senior Living Specialists helps us unpack all those stories, sort through our hearts and our minds and begin to get some clarity on to think about the prospect of moving a parent into an assisted living community.  Christy knows what she’s talking about. As a social worker, she understands the sometimes disorienting journey of becoming your parent’s caretaker. As the clinical liaison for Senior Living Specialists, she is part of a team that has helped more than 7,000 seniors find the right communities to meet their needs (free of charge!).  To reach Christy, just fill out this form.


The Mom Chronicles is a blog series about a middle-aged son learning to care for his elderly mother.