It’s raining in Plano, Texas as I write these words.

It’s been raining since 5 a.m., which is when I got up today. So I could sit in the silence of an early Sunday morning, in the darkness of a day yet begun. It’s a betwixt and between rain, neither gentle sprinkle nor dangerous deluge. More of a downpour, I think.

I’ve been wishing it would rain for some weeks now. The Earth needs it here in North Texas.

I wish it would rain like this in America. Because we need it, too.

I wish it would rain so that all the divisiveness, all the rigidity, all the ill-informed superficial debris that clogs our country these days could be swept away and we’d be left with the real truth of the moment: The chance to realize (and live) our shared humanity.

I wish it would rain in America so we could put down whatever it is we’re busy doing and go inside.

Go inside the soul of America. Not to seek shelter. No, these are not days for shelter. These are days to go inside the essence of who we are as a country, as a people, and see and acknowledge and own that our true native soil, that which has fed this country from day one, is systemic racism.  And that, some of us may not have actively or intentionally tilled that soil, all of us have benefited from it.

All of us, that is, who are not Black.

I wish it would rain so that the drops could give form to the elderly mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and friends and spouses who account for 70-90% of all COVID-19 deaths. Because maybe then we’d do what we so steadfastly refuse to do: See them.

I wish it would rain in America so we could look up to the sky and remember what we once knew: That nature is our greatest teacher, our oldest ancestor, our first (and only) expert.

I wish it would rain so that we would use the time to check in on each other…and ourselves. So the cool, gentle, steady wetness could reach the depths of our despair, our pain, our grief, and transform it into hope and resolve and compassion.

I wish it would rain in America.

So the sun could come back out.


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