Rules. Love ’em or hate ’em, these pandemic times sure are requiring  lots of them. In this episode, we step out of the “Whose side of rules are you on?” shouting match that’s gripping America right now.  Instead, talk as two friends who may not always agree with each other’s view on rules, but still try to listen and think about what is being said.

Unless you’re a zombie protestor. Neither Renee nor Brett Will hold space for them. That’s just the rules!

It’s an episode that is less about what the rules are, because let’s not kid ourselves, no one really knows right now. Instead, we talk more about what we’re looking for rules to do, why we need them and if our permanent guest, the City of New Orleans, might offer all of us some “rules of the road” for how we should treat each other as we try to make it through these times.

If you like what you hear, continue the conversation by reading Renee Peck’s column on rules at ViaNolaVie.

Given the times, this episode was recorded remotely using Zoom. The quality may not be great, but we hope the conversation is!


Brett Will Taylor, who is social distancing in the great state of Texas, where certain hair stylists get to break the rules, but workers at Kroger and Walmart do not.

Renee Peck, who has never liked rules and likes them even less now.


Darrell Rollo, who is trying to live by his own set of rules.