COVID-19 may be a global pandemic, but each of us are experiencing it in our own way. And that’s ok. While social media and popular opinion may lead us to believe there is a right way and a wrong way to get through these times, the truth is each of us needs to choose what’s best for us.

In this episode, good friends Renee Peck and Brett Will Taylor, the odd couple of podcast co-hosts,  look past all the stories promising the perfect solution to a locked-down life and instead compare notes on their own experience. As you’ll hear, their notes differ, often in pretty big ways. For example, while Brett Will sees the emerging Texas bluebonnets as a reminder of the story of resurrection, Renee finds it downright cruel that she spring is here…but festivals are not. But they also see some things similarly, like the understanding that part of what makes being exiled from New Orleans right now is that, while we are a city of individual eccentrics, we like to celebrate our eccentricities….together! May it soon be so, again!

Please give a listen and remember that good friends can have good conversations, even when (or, maybe, especially when) they see the world through very different perspectives. And be sure to comment and let us know how you’re doing.

Given the times, this episode was recorded remotely using Zoom. The quality may not be great, but we hope the conversation is!


Brett Will Taylor, who, oddly, is finding solace and inspiration from re-reading Camus’s “The Plague” for clues on how to get through these times

Renee Peck, who just might throttle the next person who says that all of us should journal our way through the pandemic


Darrell Rollo, a New Orleans comedian who is running out of ways to find the humor in all of this