Maybe, this year, we should call it “Pause-giving.”

Because it sure feels like we all could use a good “pause” right now.
A pause to catch our breaths.
A pause to look around and remember that, even in the darkest times, the sun still comes up, the kids still play, and the dogs still snuggle.
A pause to see, I mean really see, all those who have been there for us this year. Who have made sure we felt seen, heard, loved and cared for.
A pause to just take note of that fact that we’re still here. And while there are days when being here may not feel like the best option, as one who has on occasion thought of ending my days, I can assure you it is. It really is.
On that note, I feel like we all could use a good pause right now to celebrate ourselves. Because if you’re “still here” that means you shown courage this year. That means you’ve shown resilience. That means you’ve shown determination and ingenuity and (boy is this one hard!), patience. All of which means you’re awesome.
Which, to me, feels like something to pause…and be thankful for!
Happy “Pause-giving” to you and yours!

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