Yes, this is another post about the eclipse but it’s one I wanted to share because, to me, eclipses are invitations. So, too,daily occurances like sunrise (today’s is pictured here), sunsets and monthly occurances like the phases of the moon.

Wny? Because they remind us that all things end.

And begin.

They remind us that light and dark.

The sun and the moon.

Actually work together.

So, maybe, we should work with them.

That is why I spent some time this weekend setting my intentions for this eclipse. It’s also why I wanted to pause for a moment (or two) and share these words with you.

I don’t think we need to make especially big deals of moments like an eclipse. I don’t think we need to set grand intentions or, at least, not limit ourselves to grand intentions. For example, my eclipse intention is about both taking clear action towards staging my one-man show (big) and vacuuming up the dog hair dust bunnies as a symbolic way of clearing out what is complete (small).

But I do think it’s worth pausing to honor things like the eclipse. So that, as we look at the sky or feel the light fade before it returns, we can ask ourselves if we are in accord with all that is happening around us.

And be a little more attuned to that exquisite intersection where the truth of our souls meets the opportunity of this day.

This moment.

This time.

The Practice of Being Alive is a collection of stories about getting through this thing called life.