Are your stories doing what you want them to do?

Sometimes the most successful stories are the ones that are hardest for us to let go. But here’s the thing: Even the best stories need to change because times change and people change. Since 1997, my consulting practice has served Fortune 100 corporations, non-profits, community groups and mid- to senior-level executives who share one common challenge: To get where they next want to grow, they need to change their story.

What have I done? If it’s about crafting and telling stories, I’ve done it. That includes back of the house services like branding, targeting, messaging, communication planning and executive coaching. But it also includes front of the house work like facilitation, workshops and public speaking. Even though the work may be transactional, the foundation is always relational. Because relationships are what make transactions…and stories…work.

What has that looked like? My first big career moment was to help a long-time Member of Congress introduce himself to a significantly redrawn Congressional district in a nationally targeted race. He won. From that moment on, my consulting practice has been about helping clients remind their audience of both their story and their value. I work in the following areas:

Strategic Consulting

Served on the Executive Team of a human service agency that was reorganizing patient access, emergency support and clinical responsibilities.

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Communication Support

Reframed a Fortune 100 client’s inclusion & diversity function so that it offered action-oriented ways to engage 250,000 employees.

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Executive Coaching

Supported a CEO in stepping into a new role that brought with significant personal, professional and organizational pressures to change.

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Personal Development

Helped a client simultaneously end a marriage & renegotiate her work presence in a way that was concrete, aspirational, & supportive.

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Community Building

Through networking, public speaking & arm-twisting, organized a region of lgbtq donors towards a presidential campaign’s national goals.

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I walked into an almost impossible job when I became CEO. There is no way that I would have stuck with it if it hadn’t been for Will.

CEO, Boston-area nonprofit
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